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How to write an awesome review

Keep Tickiwi's community respectful and a reliable place for everyone

Awesome review

Tickiwi is an open platform to connect consumers and establish a community of verified reviews. Anyone who wants to share their experience can have a say. In order to keep our community respectful and a reliable place for everyone, please keep in mind our values when you post reviews.

Be honest when writing a review. You can only write a review if you had the reviewed experience yourself. Be as precise as possible when writing a review.

Even if you had a negative experience, please use a polite language.

We don't filter any reviews, and everything is published as written by reviewers. However, we encourage the community to report any false reviews or reviews with inappropriate language, hated speech and similar. This is not tolerated. All reported reviews will be reviewed by our team and removed if needed.

  • Write about your recent experience. We would like to keep the reviews and companies up to date.
  • We might contact you to verify it was really you who had the experience. Please keep some proof for at least a week after posting the review.
  • Don't write reviews for your own Business or a Business that belongs to someone you are close with (e.g. family member, close friend etc). That would be unfair.
  • Don't accept any gifts in return for publishing a review. We are building a verified and trusted community, not a bribed one.
  • Don't advertise your Business or services. Our community is about sharing experience, not promoting your Business. If you'd like to promote your Business, find other webpages that have room for advertisements.
  • Don't post any private data (that is name, phone number, address, bank details, ecc). Keep in mind that all reviews are public, and anyone can read them. Don't share anything that you wouldn't tell a strange on the street.
  • Double check if you're reviewing the right Business. You don't want to give compliments to someone who doesn't deserve them or critics to someone who didn't do anything wrong.
  • You will need a User account to post a review (or to like/dislike review or report review). You can log in with social media (we support Google and LinkedIn), or create a Tickiwi account with your email.
  • You are in charge of your reviews and can edit or delete them anytime.
  • If you find a useful review, be cool and klick the Thumbs up button. Or Thumbs down if the review has no value.
  • Help us to keep our community friendly, open and trustworthy. Report any review that you find insulting, false, includes hated speech and so on. There's a button on the bottom right after every review.