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How to increase your Business' reputation

Improve your reputation with reviews on the Tickiwi community

In four simple steps with Tickiwi:


Create an account

Create a personal account and then the business account for the company you would like to collect reviews for. With your user account, you will be able to access all features and functionalities offered by Tickiwi platform.


Install the WordPress plugin and display the basic badge

If you are using WordPress for your website, you can simplify the process by installing a specific plugin for managing reviews. Once installed, the plugin will allow you to display a basic badge on your website. This badge can be placed in strategic locations on your site, such as the homepage or product/service page, to encourage visitors to click and leave a review.


Start campaigns to collect reviews

After installing the plugin and displaying the badge, it is important to start asking your satisfied customers for reviews. You can do this manually or, if you have a Standard or Advance subscription, you can create review request campaigns directly through the campaigns functionality (link to explanation of the functionality). You can send customised emails or messages to your customers asking them to kindly share their experience about your company or products/services.


Change badge from basic to score after you have at least 20 reviews

Once you have collected at least 20 reviews, you can improve the visibility of your reviews by upgrading the base badge to a Score badge. The Score badge show aggregated score of the reviews you have received, such as an average star rating or a numerical score. This update can give visitors a clearer view of the ratings and increase their confidence in your reviews.

Remember that it is important to be transparent and adhere to ethical guidelines when asking for reviews from customers. Be sure to ask for reviews in an honest and non-manipulative manner, encouraging your customers to share their opinions candidly. Also, handle negative reviews in a professional manner by activating the notifications feature so that you are notified immediately, and try to resolve issues raised by customers whenever possible. This will help maintain a good online reputation for your company.

Having reviews on the Tickiwi community allows you to improve:

Reviews on external sites are often considered more credible because they cannot be easily manipulated by the site owners. This lends a greater degree of transparency to the review-gathering process.

External review sites usually have a larger audience than individual websites. This means that reviews will reach a wider audience and potentially increase your client's visibility.

Users often give more weight to reviews on third-party sites because they perceive greater objectivity. This can help strengthen potential customers' trust in reviews.

Most external review sites offer a moderation system to help ensure legitimate reviews and remove false or fraudulent reviews. This can be difficult to achieve on a personal website.

Reviews on external sites can positively influence the ranking of your client's website in search engines. Google, for instance, takes external reviews into account when determining a site's ranking.

Review sites often follow standardised guidelines for collecting and displaying reviews. This can make it easier for potential customers to compare reviews between different companies.

Collecting reviews directly on a customer's website can lead to conflicts with negative reviews. By releasing reviews on external sites, it is possible to separate reviews from direct control of the company's website and reduce the risk of conflicts.

External reviews can be used as feedback to improve business processes and the customer experience, helping the company to grow and adapt to customer needs.

In some sectors and countries, there are specific rules and guidelines on the collection and publication of online reviews. Collecting reviews on external sites can help comply with these regulations.

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