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About us

Our mission is to help businesses grow, by increasing their visibility and improving reputation through our community of verified reviews.

The logo and the name

Our logo represents our mission. Tickiwi is composed of Ticked and Kiwi. Ticked stands for approved, verified and trusted. Kiwi represents two things. First, kiwis are animals with one of the strongest senses of smell and this presents our sense to "smell" businesses. Furthermore, once bonded, male and female kiwi tend to live their entire lives as a monogamous couple. We translate this to being loyal and a reliable community for all our members.

The start of Tickiwi

Do you spend hours online, trying to find the best product or service? Would it help you to have all reviews in one place? We thought so too! That's what Tickiwi is about - our aim is to create a community, where everyone has a right to share their opinion about services, products or whatever you might find interesting and share this with the community.

We ourselves are very diligent at reading many reviews, and finding the best offers online, before making a purchase. We want to make this job easier for all of you and bring all reviews under one platform.

We have started the journey to bring our mission to life and would really appreciate any inputs you might have to improve our services for you and Tickiwi community. You can contact us anytime with your suggestions and we'll get back to you with an improved service as soon as possible.