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At Tickiwi, we understand that your business success is built on trust and confidence of your customers. Our comprehensive platform with features that serve your needs, we will help you build a positive online reputation and drive your growth.

Choose Tickiwi Reviews for a proven strategy that works for businesses of all sizes.

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Collect reviews from your existing customers

Connect with your customers through personalized campaigns. Collect reviews and get valuable feedback from your customers in one simple step.

Via a simple plug-in, send automatic emails to your customers after every completed purchase and invite them to leave a review. Each review increases your credibility, visibility, brings new customers and guarantees more success for you!

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Reputation management made simple

Worried about negative reviews? We've got you covered! We'll notify you about any negative review, so you have a chance to engage with the customer as quickly as possible and resolve any issues.

Give your customers an opportunity to fine-tune their review.

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Benefits of Tickiwi Reviews

Credibility & transparency

Reviews on external sites are often considered more credible because they cannot be easily manipulated by the site owners. This gives a greater degree of transparency to the review-gathering process.

Wider audience

Independent review platforms reach wider audience, which gives your company higher chance of getting notices. In this way, you can get even more customers.

Consumer confidence

Users often give more weight to reviews on third-party sites because they perceive greater objectivity. This can help strengthen potential customers' trust in reviews.

Moderation control

Most external review sites offer a moderation system to help ensure legitimate reviews and remove false or fraudulent reviews. This can be difficult to achieve on a personal website.

Positioning in search engines

Reviews on external sites can positively influence the ranking of your client's website in search engines. Google, for instance, takes external reviews into account when determining a site's ranking.

Reducing the risk of conflict

Collecting reviews directly on a customer's website can lead to conflicts with negative reviews. By releasing reviews on external sites, it is possible to separate reviews from direct control of the company's website and reduce.

Improving business operations

External reviews can be used as feedback to improve business processes and the customer experience, helping the company to grow and adapt to customer needs.

Compliance with legal guidelines

In some sectors and countries, there are specific rules and guidelines on the collection and publication of online reviews. Collecting reviews on external sites can help comply with these regulations.

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