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SCAM! I?m deeply disappointed and feel misled by my recent experience with a company that offered a ?free trial? on their website. I innocently provided my name and email, unaware that this would automatically enroll me in a subscription service. There was no clear indication during the registration process that I would be immediately liable for invoices.
When I reached out to customer service for clarity, it only heightened my frustration. They claimed I should have received two emails outlining the subscription terms, which I never did. Instead, I was blindsided by an invoice for the month, with an obligation to pay for three months in total.
As someone who has never resided in Switzerland, this was a disheartening introduction to the country as I was exploring housing options in anticipation of a move. To my dismay, I was charged 120 francs by this company, which I can only describe as deceitful. It?s bewildering how such practices are permissible in a nation known for its stringent rules and regulations.

I earnestly hope that legal action is taken against this company for their unethical behavior, which has resulted in financial loss and wasted time for many customers. I implore everyone to steer clear of this website and avoid it at all costs.

Data dell'esperienza: 1 Marzo 2024


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