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Born out of the love for boards and the need to share this passion with friends, doodah stands for an urban, authentic and creative lifestyle since 1994. What was started in an old, dilapidated house on the shores of Lake Zug by Matthew Lee and Thomas Scherrer can now be experienced in nine stores, spread throughout Switzerland.

The whole team lives the doodah philosophy and spends a lot of their time on the mountain, at the skate spot or in the wave. When passing on our passion to our customers, we draw on personal experience and know how to report first-hand.

With a huge selection and a brand mix that always surprises with new unknown gems and exclusive parts, we try to leave no wish unfulfilled. The doodah collection rounds off our product range with creative approaches and collabs with friendly brands or artists.

doodah is firmly anchored in the local scenes - be it skating, snowboarding or the creative environment of the respective cities. Sponsoring and promoting young talents in these areas is very important to doodah. Exactly for this reason we support different snowboarders, skaters, DJs, musicians and artists. They are all part of the doodah family - a family that is constantly growing and driven by a common passion.

Metallstrasse 9
6300 Zug


+41 417117742

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