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Pier Francesco Cavadini

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Terrible Published

"Terrible, payment made but no QR code received by email"

I bought two tickets online Wednesday night on the site at 10:39 p.m., my friend got the message with the QR while I did not (but I got the payment confirmation with the invoice). The email was not found in either spam or deleted mail, checked several times. At the cashier I explained the incident showing all the emails but they told me that to get in I had to pay another weekly or evening and write an email to complain about the fact. The person in charge of the ticket bouvette washed his hands saying the same thing. After a good half hour of discussion I bought a weekly at 80.- (10.- more, besides the harm the mockery) because they didn't want to know about the obvious evidence. Moral? Spent 77 (7 in administration fees! For this service...) for a weekly ticket never received + 80 at the checkout, total 157.-
I will send an email to be compensated for the weekly ticket taken on the spot, such treatment was not acceptable.

Date of experience: February 8, 2024

Business: Rabadan tickets